The Diary of Amy: The 14-Year-Old Girl Who Saved the Earth

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We are systematically destroying the ability of the planet to support life. But wait a second… aren’t human beings a form of life? Oops!

The Diary of Amy, the 14-Year-Old Girl Who Saved the Earth is the novel for people concerned that humanity is systematically destroying the earth, and who are asking questions such as:

“Isn’t that a bad thing?”
“Why isn’t this considered to be important or something?”
“Shouldn’t we, you know, do something about it?”

Through his novel, author Scott Erickson hopes to convince people that they aren’t crazy. His message is: “It’s not you; it’s the world.”

In the 1960’s, the movie Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb helped us cope with the threat of nuclear apocalypse. Now, The Diary of Amy, the 14-Year-Old Girl Who Saved the Earth helps us cope with the threat of environmental collapse. It allows us to “Stop Worrying and Love Humanity’s Self-Destruction.”

The Story

Amy Johnson-Martinez is a bright 14-year-old girl who spontaneously decides to camp in a local wetland to stop its destruction. But she wants to do much more. She wants to save the whole earth! Amy is convinced there must be a way to get to the root of all our environmental problems.

It’s definitely going to take a lot more than switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs!

Amy’s unique combination of youthful innocence and a sharp mind allow her to make discoveries that have eluded others. She discovers that a few simple yet fundamental changes will create a sustainable society.

With the world on the brink of environmental collapse, Amy discovers that powerful forces are willing to use all their power to fight Amy’s proposals. Will Amy defeat the opposition and convince the country to make the bold leap to sustainability before it’s too late?