Mommy, Why Did America Collapse? – A Bedtime Story

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Many years after America’s collapse, a young girl asks her mother to explain why it happened.

She has so many questions. How could a large and powerful nation such as America so quickly and easily collapse? If America was the richest nation in the history of the world, why did poverty continually get worse? Why did America destroy its environmental life-support system? How could a country that began with such high ideals reject them to embrace the worst in human nature?

Her mother explains that the tragic story has a good side. The rest of the world was spared America’s fate by learning from America’s example what changes needed to be made.

Mommy, Why Did America Collapse? is a story of America as a lesson in what not to do. It reveals how America’s decline is the result of a few faulty assumptions, and what will happen if America refuses to abandon them.