B-Movie Mash-Up: Gastropods of Terror and How to Get a Head in Real Estate

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Scientist Peter Mollusk thought he’d escaped his “mad scientist” past. He was now a respected gastropodologist living in Madison, Wisconsin, and was engaged to real estate student Annette Puddle.

Then one fateful day two horny teenagers were attacked by something too horrible to imagine. And something happened to Annette that was also too horrible to imagine.

Suddenly it’s up to Peter to save Annette and the world at the same time in a bizarre story involving 1965 Mustang convertibles, exoskeletons, tequila, gardening advice, really disgusting “slurping” sounds, sensory tentacles, pneumostomes, bubbling test tubes, eerie mist produced by blocks of dry ice, and Ghirardelli Black Label Chocolate Sauce.